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New Product Available

With the ever changing IT environment there are regularly new products available on the market. We always strive to be able to provide you our dearest customers with the latest technology available to increase your business potentional, and operate smoothly. That is why we included this section into our website.

We will keep this section regularly updated and therefore please check back regularly to find the latest technology available to here.

Satelite internet connectivity.

One of the latest products is for businesses and individual in remote areas where no ADSL facilities are available and 3G have either weak or no signal strenght.

Some business also include it at there premises as an fail over facility if their current connectivity solution such as ADSL is ofline. 

Several packages is available for personal needs. Currently until the end of July 2013 the setup fees and equipment is free of charge. Please contact us for more info and application forms.

We are also currently looking into another solution from another provider and will keep you updated on that.

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