About Us


Founded in Johannesburg, in South Africa in February 2018, Mefa Protection Services aims at providing full security services and general cleaning works as well as graphic design works to every group, company organization, built on the fact that security services and cleaning works in our country is in a downward spiral. Mefa Protection Services strives to be a major contribution in correcting this trend. One of our outmost importance business objectives is to dedicate quality service in both in all our operations by striving to exceed customer expectation. Our staff is highly trained and skilled in ensuring the protection of our clients, their families and their assets. Our staff represent our company on daily basis and our code of conduct, company policies and procedures will ensure they are presentable, efficient, and ready to serve, protect and maintain our clients. Within the legal requirements, our employees will go all length to protect and serve our clients and their communities.

Company operates within the security guarding and cleaning sector including:

• Professional trained guards (armed & unarmed)
• Retail security services
• Residential complexes
• Access control
• Security events management
• Office parks/factories /commercial, etc.
• Temporary guards
• Armed reaction
• Private houses
• Guard patrol/monitoring system
• Graphic design & printing
• General cleaning works
• Cleaning of offices
• Cleaning of municipality roads, community cemetery, garden services.
• Cleaning of boilers
• Entertainment –music & catering

Mefa protection services (PTY)Ltd is committed to services excellence, and our superior services begins with our employees, well-chosen security officers, cleaners, catering and most valuable assets to the company. For any further information about Mefa protection services, please feel free to contact our office by phone or email.
At Mefa Protection Services, we aspire to deliver a service to all our clients, as required, at a competitive related price. We honour our commitment to deliver first time right.
South Africa statistics show dramatic increase of criminal active, particularly that home intrusion, theft, Vandalism of properties, murder, kidnapping, rape and hijackings. As we head into the negative economic trends, all that can guaranteed is that levels of crime will rise even further. Whilst there are many security service providers available for customers to choose from, we feel that the market has left a gap for “safe security”. Mefa Protection Services will fill this space by providing a total security solution and cleaning services as well as others that the company offer which can be relied upon at any time. Our dependable services are managed by experienced, knowledgeable, passionate security officers and cleaning sector.
As crime becomes a greater concern to all, At Mefa Protection Services we are seeking new innovation that can protect our clients. We will ensure that all our security stuff, cleaning stuff, and general workers, are highly trained and capable to handle any situation with which they may be presented .They will always be in full uniform while on duty with company equipment and weapons where required.
Our primary interest is in the safety and security of our customers and communities they live in. We plan at working hand in hand with the community policing forum, South African police and local security initiatives to drive out crime. Our security service management realize our greatest strength differentiator is our motivated staff, and therefore we strive to offer each employee opportunities to grow and learn, further their careers in our business. All staff will be trained in the security field as well as firearm proficiency to ensure their own safety as well as to improve our company offering to our customers.



Guard through safety, if we cannot guard safely we will not guard


Render a clean thoroughly smart and make sure that the place we worked on is neat and tidy

We honour our commitment to deliver first time right.

We act responsible towards our clients, employees and shareholders and vouch not to harm the environment clients or employees physically or emotionally.


Integrity, fairness and transparency, we obey rules and regulations, laws throughout all commitment.


We encourage innovation in all department and eager to change and improve when new ideas are raised.


• To be a world class service provider in security services through excellence.


• To improve the lives of the people within which we operate by gearing with our local government by assisting with creation of sustainable job opportunities.
• To develop sustainable, profitable business investment for the company
• To position Mefa Protection Services as a top quality business within the area where it operates through its services.
• To assist in communities, by combating crime. Gear with the South African Policing forum in order to help fight crime in the communities
• To increase shareholders value