Motion Alert Technology

Use motion alerts to know what’s going on in your business at all times and NOT just when you log into your system!

Simply schedule a motion alert during off-business hours or any other specified time.

If there is action in front of any of your activated cameras, you will be notified automatically based on your settings.

CCTV Motion Alerts instantly send you video clips and/or images of the action in front of your cameras. You will receive these alerts by text and/or email.

Our reactive motion alert system keeps you aware of any suspicious activity reported on your video surveillance system.

Here are some of the features and benefits of Motion Alert Technology:

  • Alerts triggered by all or specific cameras. If you decide you only want video clips sent on indoor cameras, but not outdoor, individual cameras can be targeted.
  • You can change your settings to detect motion anytime throughout the day or week. You may only want to receive alerts after business hours on Monday through Friday, but on the weekends be alerted only in the morning hours.
  • CCTV Motion Alert Technology looks for single or multiple motion detections based on your settings. For example, you may choose to be alerted if detection occurs only once per minute or more than once per minute.
  • You can send motion alerts to unlimited email or cell phone recipients, this way everyone gets notified at once.
  • High quality video clips can range from five seconds to two minutes with a small file size to load fast on any device.
  • Compatible on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. For iPhone and iPads, simply download our free app to playback video files.

Our motion alert system is leading-edge technology.

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