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Do your IT Problems Frustrates You? Let Smileys Computer & IT Services put the smile back on your face.

Why businesses choose to work with us

  • We have been working with SMBs across all sectors for over 20 years.
  • We are experienced in the technologies you use and the partners you work with.
  • We manage all of your IT, allowing you to focus on your business growth.
  • We ensure your systems are engineered to be robust, minimizing downtime.
  • Our focus is to minimize staff disruption, keeping them happy and productive.
  • We offer guaranteed response times as we know that your time is valuable.
  • Our goal is to align your business goals with your IT needs to drive efficiency.
  • We are cyber security experts, so we know how to keep your business data safe.

Our most popular services

With comprehensive expertise across IT, communications and security, we’ll cover all your business technology needs.

IT Support

We manage and maintain your infrastructure using proactive and self-healing technology, taking the onus off your team, keeping them as productive as possible.

Virus Protection and Firewalls

A suite of collaborative tools to help improve the efficiency of your business, providing access to the office suite, as well as secure services such as email and cloud file storage.

We are AVG and AVAST business partners.

Business Internet

We advise, source and manage the best business internet for you, ensuring faster upload speeds and guaranteed service and uptimes.

Disaster Recovery

Businesses close their doors after a breach due to their inability to get their environment back up and running. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service gets you up and running after a disaster

Cloud Phone System

If your phone system is hosted in the cloud your data is stored in a secure server, it can also offer advanced security and telephony features. Not to mention no more bulky handsets! And much more affordable than a conventional Telkom PABX system

Managed Compliance

Compliance can be a challenge especially as your business, environment, systems and people evolve and change. We continually monitor these changes to ensure you remain compliant, safe and secure from malicious attack.

We come to You!

Yes we support SME across Gauteng. We travel to your business or home and fix your problems onsite. If your problem cannot be solved immediately we collect and deliver your devices and repair it at our well equipped workshops securely .

Let’s Talk about You

Not quite sure where to start? Don’t worry we have you covered, contact us today to talk to a local specialist who can help pinpoint your requirements and how we can help.

SPEAK TO US ON 082 069 1053

Does your business require remote IT support services?

Our managed services team has the expertise, tools, and processes to support businesses remotely. 

Our Remote IT Support Services cover:

✔ Remote desktop support via remote takeover to resolve tech problems contact-free

✔ Self-service portals to launch support tickets and monitor their status

✔ Remote support for patching and updates rolled out to workstations, mobile devices, tablets, applications, and hardware

✔ VPN configuration to ensure secure remote support and communication

✔ Secure remote solutions to safeguard remote workers connecting from home

Remote Support Applications


Please contact us on 082 0691053 if you need remote IT support on your PC.

If we are not able to fix your problem remotely, we’ll arrange to send out a technician to your site.


During the confined situations that we experience today, Remote IT Support has become more prevalent than ever.

Remote IT Support for small & medium business is the fastest way to resolve IT Problems from practically anywhere in the world. Just a stable internet connection and our remote software that can be downloaded for free below.

Our remote connections are secure and encrypted making our service absolutely safe.

Smileys Computer & IT Services focus is being an outsourced IT service provider and we utilise remote IT services as an alternative source for an on-site IT Technician. Additionally, we have IT solutions available to provide and manage your entire IT Infrastructure (local and cloud) remotely.

We are able to provide managed IT support for Servers and Network systems and can remotely resolve most basic, common and complex problems in less time than it would take if we had to resolve the problem on-site.

Smileys Computer & IT Services is your preferred IT support company for remote support and onsite IT services.


We suggest that you have a decent Internet Connection for us to do the remote support. If you have a slow connection, it will take us much longer.

Simply call us or log a call using the Helpdesk link. A support technician will guide you to download our free remote support software and install it on your device.

If prompted to run or save the file, select to save it somewhere where it will be easy to find (i.e. your desktop). If you need remote support in future, you could simply phone us at 082 069 1053 and click on the Helpdesk link.

Once you run the application a technician can connect to your PC. 

Once we’ve connected to your computer we will attempt to fix your IT problems and phone you when we’re done. Remember to close all your confidential information before we connect!

Additional Services


Network Cabling

CCTV Installation

Security Camera Installation


Control Doors

Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity

Fiber Connectivity
and Service

Fiber Connectivity
and Service

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery