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CCTV systems have had a mixed success rate at school sites. The need for CCTV will very much depend on the individual school. For example those in high crime risk areas may require a comprehensive system that is monitored throughout the day and night, whereas a school in a low-risk area may benefit from one or two cameras just within the entrance area. In some cases the mere presence of a camera can be a sufficient deterrent to reduce or eliminate potential criminal activity. CCTV Systems vary considerably in sophistication and effectiveness, and this guide offers some key recommendations to help schools secure and protect their staff, students, buildings and possessions. Smileys Computer & IT services’s best practice approach to helping protect schools from criminal activity uses a combination of physical, electronic and procedural measures. Integrating a CCTV system into an overall security strategy can help to decrease the potential for criminal damage by increasing the degree of difficulty and risk of detection for the criminal when entering school premises.

Bennefits of CCTV in schools

Running a school is a huge responsibility.

The larger the school, the more there is that can go wrong. Fortunately, surveillance technology can make your job a lot easier and your school a lot safer. Many schools have invested in surveillance technology and have reaped the benefits of having a more secured school.

So, what benefits can a surveillancesystem bring to schools?

School Security

Deter Crime & Reduce Break-ins: 

When security cameras a placed in plain sight they have been shown to reduce criminal activity in that area. No one wants to be recorded on camera committing a crime. In fact students will point out the cameras to other students which will make everyone aware that their activities are being recorded.  When students know they are being watched, they are usually on their best behavior.

Prevent Vandalism: 

Placing cameras on the interior and exterior of you school will help to prevent vandalism. In the event that an incident does occur, you will have recorded evidence so you can take the proper course of action.

Protect Vehicles: 

Keeping an eye on your schools’ parking lot will help to protect your staff’s vehicles.  There are times when an incident occurs and it is hard to tell who is at fault.  With the proper surveillance, you will know exactly what happened and who is at fault.

Eliminate Unauthorized Intruders:

Unfortunately, schools are targets for unscrupulous people. They tend to prey on students because they see them as easy targets.  The last thing you need is for one of these people to get into your school undetected.  With the proper security equipment, you can prevent unauthorized intruders.

Keep an Eye on Remote Entrances/Exits & Off Limit Areas:

Watching your entry and exit points are crucial for the proper security of your school. By having security cameras (with motion detection technology) in pre-selected areas, you will be instantly notified when movement is detected.  You will be able to instantly see through the camera that detected the motion to see what is going on. With our technology you can have access to your security system through your PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or any other internet connected device.  Best of all, every teacher, security guard, and any other authorized staff can have access as well.  In case of an emergency, everyone will know exactly what is going on.

Watch Busy Corridors: 

In crowded areas, things tend to happen simply because there more people, most of the times these incidents are minor and can be ignored. When a major incident happens, you will have the information you need.

Monitor Bathroom Entrance:  

Many incidents take place in the bathrooms in schools that you may not become aware of until after the fact.  It is illegal to have any type of surveillance recording system in the bathrooms, but you can keep an eye on students as they enter and leave the rest rooms.  This will help you, if an incident occurs, to determine exactly who was there.  Also, our systems are capable of unlimited video data storage. This feature is invaluable when it comes to determining who was present for an incident that happened many months or even years ago.

School Safety

Deter Sex Offenders

By law in NY State, a sex offender cannot live within 1,000 feet of a school. By having highly visible surveillance cameras around your school, you greatly deter the presence of these criminals.

Prevent Bullying

Unfortunately, bullying is a part of life at all schools in one form or another.  When you have security cameras in plain sight, you greatly decrease the chances bullying on school grounds.  This helps to provide a safe environment for students to learn in.

Aide in Emergency Evacuation

In case of an emergency, surveillance cameras can show you where the trouble spots are so you can direct everyone in safe direction. By making sure all staff members have access to the security system’s alert feature, they will be notified when something goes wrong.

School Monitoring

Visitor Monitoring

Student safety is a major concern.  When visitors enter your school it is important to keep an eye on them.  Security cameras will make your job much easier since you can watch any visitor from any internet connected device.

Student Monitoring

Some students are constantly late or often violate school rules. Being able to track your students will help you determine how to best approach the issue.

Staff Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your staff will let you know who you can count on to do more and who just does their job.  Using a video surveillance system can help you choose the right person for the job.  Security cameras also remind teachers that their professionalism and hard work is important and always being observed. 

Provide Peace of Mind to Parents

With all the recent violent events that have occurred in schools, parents are more concerned than ever before.  Parents need to know that their children are safe when they are at school.  Here at CCTV we have a program that allows parents to look in on their child’s classroom during the day.  This works out well for both the parents and the school. Our program helps to increase enrollment and can provide additional revenue to the school.  Contact us to learn more.

What we can offer your school

  • Smileys Computer & IT Services will sit with you and Identify a working solution after evaluating your needs and budget.
  • We will do a quotation according to your needs and specifications.
  • We can also assist you with policies needed to be in place for your system.
  • We can also create signs for you to put up at specified locations.
  • We do the installations mostly during the holiday season in order not to impact on school activities.

Give as a call for a proper discussion and proposal

We install high quality equipment with up to 3 years warranty, depending on your budget and needs.

We do video and voice recordings that can be played back to 2 months after the date. With a power backup (UPS) to keep the system up and running for several hours should there be any power failures.

We provide a high level of after sales services to ensure your system stays up to date and working at all times.

We provide you with full training to use the system and be able to remotely view the cameras from your cell phone or internet computer.


Scools we have already installed these systems for is. Laerskool Gerrit Maritz in Weston Aria (60 Cameras). Class rooms, Offices passages and out doors.

Laerskool Rapportryer Randfontein (43 Cameras). Classrooms and Offices.

Rappies Pre Primêre Skool Randfontein

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We have also done several business and Pre primary schools and home CCTV systems as well.

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